Steam Carpet Cleaning VS Chem Dry

Steam Carpet Cleaning VS Chem Dry


There is a debate on carpet cleaning since a long. Some people would prefer steam cleaning the carpets while others would like to go for chem dry option. Given below are some points on both of these carpet cleaning methods.


Chem-Dry vs Steam Cleaning


-Steam cleaning is the traditional method; however, chem-dry cleaning of carpets is relatively new.


-Steam cleaning of the carpets involves too much consumption of water. On the other hand, chem-dry cleaning would consume less amount of water.


-Carpets can take a lot of time to dry after steam cleaning in comparison with chem-dry cleaning of the carpets.


-When using soaps with steam cleaning, it might be left behind and carpets would take a long time to dry. Moreover, there are chances of more dirt being trapped in the carpet next time. However, chem-dry cleaning is different from steam in a way that it uses millions of bubbles, which are microscopic. This kind of method consumes very less amount of water in comparison with the traditional cleaning method.


Final Words

Despite the fact that there are different carpet cleaning wellington methods it would depend on the preference of the person, which method they select. There are numerous companies in the market, which would be ready to provide the professional services; however, it is important to read reviews and comments on the company and find the one, which has the best reviews. It is important to make sure that the reviews are genuine and not just by fake people. Plus, friends and family members can give numerous tips on carpet cleaning methods. When there are pets and children in the house, carpet cleaning becomes a priority in order to avoid germs, bacteria, dirt, and allergies.



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